ANV Software Engineering Services (ASES)

ASES is a professional engineering service for custom software application development including consultation, requirements specification, code development/modification, debugging, deployment and testing, software maintenance/upgrade and software project management.

Considerations for using ASES:

  • Building software in-house can steal your precious internal resources from high ROI activities.
  • In-house software development can take from 6 months to a year: can you afford to wait that long? Our expert developers can shorten this time (and so the Time-To-Market) for you.
  • Outsourcing software development has the potential to improve your business' efficiency and can result significant cost-savings.
  • You may simply run out of internal resources and need quick expert support.

The Value you can count on:

  • Our software engineers for ASES are regularly trained and certified professionals.
  • Proven productivity: a certified programmer can be 10X more productive than a mediocre one (DeMarco, Tom and Timothy Lister, 1999. Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams, 2d Ed. New York: Dorset House, 1999.).
  • All-In-One service from design through development and deployment up to software maintenance and project management: we take care of all.